Mission Statement

GLOW diminishes poverty with eco-friendly solutions. We are dedicated to cultivating compassion for the Earth and all beings through authentic acts of sustainable service.


GLOW allows solar solutions to become accessible to rural communities around the world. All of our projects vary slightly depending on the region, the resources, and the people that we’re working with. However, we maintain the singular focus of sustainability throughout each country.

GLOW distributes solar products using a Pay-It-Forward micro-loan model that directly benefits the community by enforcing financial planning and savings. On average, providing light to one home costs about $50. This cost also includes a two-year warranty on the product, and a basic education on use and maintenance. 

GLOW also creates Green Energy Centers in remote areas so people can buy, rent, or finance a variety of solar products. These centers create jobs, provide technician training, and also give back to existing community projects and needs. 

GLOW only partners with in-country distributors in an effort to support the local economy and growth. 


We believe in creating sustainable projects. Part of our mission is not only to provide clean, green, and limitless light for all people, but also for the recipients to practice financial responsibility, planning, and savings, as well.

GLOW's Pay-It-Forward model requires each household to pay back the total cost of their light (suggested 6 month period) in order for another community member to have the same opportunity for light in their home. Each person pays a small interest on the product. This interest is directly deposited into a community savings account to address additional needs. 

GLOW’s Green Energy Centers allows solar solutions to be available in remote areas. These products can only be bought, rented or financed. On average, people spend 20-30% of their weekly income on kerosene fuel for a light source. We offer solar solutions within these financial boundaries (or less than). Plus, once their product is fully paid off, then their light source is FREE- allowing for increased total savings within each household. 


Increases Savings

Families typically spend between 15-20% of their weekly income on kerosene. By replacing kerosene lanterns with solar lamps, they are able to save the money otherwise spent on fuel.

Improves Health

Kerosene lanterns are toxic to ingest daily, especially in the small confines of a rural, hut-style home that most of these families live in. Solar alternatives provide a smokeless solution and a stronger light source; decreasing indoor air pollution and eye irritation.

Improves Safety

Compared to kerosene lamps and/or candles, solar light reduces the risk of fires and burns in each household.

Improves Education

Children are able to study/complete homework beyond the confines of daylight.

Increases Sustainability

With solar lighting, people are able to rely on an unlimited resource (the sun) as their source of fuel- it’s clean, green, and won’t ever run out!

Reduces CO2 Emission

The United Nations Environmental Programme estimates that one kerosene lamp emits up to 200kg of carbon dioxide a year. Eradicating the use of even just one kerosene lamp will benefit our Earth on a larger scale, as a whole.


GLOW is obtaining all solar products from a local distribution company (SunTransfer) in an effort to contribute to Ethiopia’s local economy.


Glow Yoga Retreats
GLOW retreats are specifically designed for you. GLOW Karma Yoga Retreats are experiences which cultivate a powerful change not only in the lives of each participant, but also in the lives of thousands of others worldwide.
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Karma Yoga Classes
We call upon donation-based karma yoga classes as a main source of community fundraising.
If GLOW yoga has not yet reached your community, lead a class of your own!

We strive to unite the energy of karma yogis from across the globe, and to share our collective light as a whole.

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Shine Bright!


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